10 Most Popular Twitch Celebrity Streamers of 2021, Ranked by Followers

Even if Tic has been around for over 10 years, it seems to have grown in popularity exponentially in recent times. And it’s not just for professional players anymore. Athletes, musicians, actors and even a few politicians have all taken a break from the streaming platform. Whether it’s NBA stars playing Fortnite or professional soccer players playing like themselves FIFA, fans can’t seem to get enough of watching their favorite celebrities play video games.

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And Twitch has become more than just a place to watch people play video games. It’s also a full-featured social networking website, allowing streamers to instantly interact with their fans and answer questions while they play. As popular as it already is, Twitch is still relatively young and, with celebrities starting to use the platform, it will only continue to grow.

ten CJ Anderson – 18,900 followers

CJ Anderson in a soccer field

Although he is currently a free agent, CJ Anderson has an impressive NFL CV. Playing most of his career with the Denver Broncos, Anderson also played for the Los Angeles Rams during a brief stint, during their Super Bowl run in 2019.

Being away from football gave the running back more time to talk to fans during their live broadcasts, usually while playing. Apex Legends. Fans love to see a more humble and relaxed side to a player many consider a batsman on the pitch.

9 Hunter Pence – 26,200 followers

Hunter Pence talks to a man on a baseball field

While the NBA appears to have more Twitch streamers than other professional sports leagues in the United States, Hunter Pence shows that it’s not just basketball players who like to let off steam after work and share their hobbies with fans.

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Pence, who currently plays the right ground for the San Francisco Giants, has a fairly consistent Twitch schedule during the MLB offseason and spends much of that time streaming. Magic: the gathering, a nice change of pace from the usual Fortnite and Warzone banners.

8 Ben Simmons – 57,700 followers

Smiling Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons

Most people probably know Simmons from his success with the Philadelphia 76ers, but Ben simmons is also a passionate Call of Duty: Warzone player, as well. With many of his streams lasting two or even three hours, Simmons is quite dedicated to honing his skills in Verdansk.

Often playing with other league players, such as Karl Anthony Towns and Seth Curry, Simmons takes his game seriously. Some may remember that he even got in trouble on Twitter for casting a shadow over the Atlanta Hawks during a stream with Karl Anthony Towns.

7 Terry Crews – 102,000 followers

Terry Crews in Brooklyn 99, "Moo Moo"

With 102k subscribers, Terry crews is one of the most popular celebrities who use Twitch and it’s easy to see why. With his positive attitude, watching him play video games with his son is just about the healthiest experience you can have online.

Play a few different games, such as Danganronpa: Unleash happy havoc, Crews usually takes a back seat and lets his son play while he offers commentary and interacts with fans. While he doesn’t stream very often, maybe once every two weeks, when he does, it’s still great.

6 Ju-Ju Smith Schuster – 257,000 followers

Ju-Ju Smith Schuster holding a football helmet

One of the best known on the ever growing list of Twitch streamers who are professional athletes, many NFL fans have argued that JuJu might even spend too much time on Twitch. Of course, that might not be the best thing if you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but you probably don’t mind if you’re more interested in watching people play. Fortnite, JuJu’s favorite game.

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JuJu seems to take his game pretty seriously and definitely brings a competitive edge to the games he plays, unlike many Twitch celebrity streamers who are just there to have fun and chat with fans.

5 Snoop Dogg – 369,000 followers

Snoop Dogg as Domino Battle of the Bones Domino Teacher

To quote his Twitch bio, “It’s a cold vibe here. I don’t broadcast like everyone else, just vibe.” That sums up Snoop’s streaming habits wonderfully, and with 367,000 followers on Twitch, it seems like a lot of people are tapping in to share those vibes.

Unlike other streamers who recount every move and talk to fans, Snoop just sits down and plays video games. Although, to be fair, he sometimes loses his chill – on one occasion even gets angry at a game of Madden it went wrong and went completely away from his console, but we were all there.

4 Deadmau5 – 488,000 subscribers

Deadmau5 sitting at a table eating cheese

Canadian music producer Deadmau5 He might not be at the top of the charts every week like he once was, but he continues to make music and has developed a loyal following on Twitch. With 488,000 subscribers, Deadmau5 offers one of the most unique feeds on the platform.

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Rather than playing video games or just talking with fans, Deadmau5 actually uses the platform to broadcast how he creates his music. Watching a confusing computer dashboard turn into a catchy dance beat is truly an amazing thing to watch.

3 Logic – 554,000 subscribers

Rapper Logic smiling

Although he recently retired from rap, Logic found a new fanbase on Twitch, streaming everything from Q&A sessions with fans, to video games, to rhythm making and even the occasional chess match.

Logic has managed to develop a loyal fanbase outside of his music career, although for many devoted fans of his music this comes as no surprise, as Logic has spoken a lot about his love of video games in many of his songs. songs.

2 Andy Milonakis – 571,000 followers

Andy Milonakis Nick Kroll Kroll Show

Many will remember the name of The Andy Milonakis show on MTV, and although the show has been on hiatus for years, loyal fans have followed. By Milonakis wacky and quirky sense of humor on Twitch. His content varies wildly, often taking his followers with him as he walks the streets of New York City, but he also spends hours just talking to fans.

One of his “just talking” streams even lasted five hours. Although the spotlight is behind him, like so many others, Milonakis has found a new home on the platform.

1 T-Pain – 593,000 subscribers

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War T-Pain Racists Arrested

Rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and now Twitch streamer – is there anything T-Pain can not do? With 593k followers on Twitch, T-pain is one of the most popular celebrities on the platform right now and also one of the most active.

While many celebrities use Twitch sparingly, at best, T-Pain broadcasts at least once a week and sometimes multiple times. The volume of the content also didn’t affect the quality, as it always mixes it up: sometimes when playing games like Call of Duty and Overwatch, and other times it is enough to interact with the fans and do occasional freestyle.

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