10 animals scientifically named after celebrities

From insects and fossilized organisms, to lizards and fish, many animals and other organisms are officially named after celebrities.

One of the biggest compliments you can get is asking someone to name them or dedicate something to them. Believe it or not, many scientists who spend their lives trying to find new species of animals and other organisms often name their findings after their favorite celebrities.

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From insects and fossilized organisms, to lizards and fish, there are many animals and other organisms that scientifically bear the names of many famous people. What honor would it be to have a bug named after you? This is exactly the thought process behind these scientists as they dedicate their findings to their favorite celebrity.

ten Steve Irwin – Crikey Steveirwini

Steve Irwin has lived his life teaching the world some of the world’s most amazing animals. He had a love for every living creature on this planet, and all she wanted to do was teach others about wildlife. This is why, when Dr John Stanisic discovered a brand new species of arboreal snail, he knew he had to name it after the late Crocodile Hunter.

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The snail species is so rare and has been found in the humid tropics of Queensland and has a scientific name Crikey steveirwini. Steve was also the inspiration behind the name because the snail is khaki in color, and we all remember Steve always wore khaki because that was his signature look.

9 Lady Gaga – Aleiodes Gaga

Lady Gaga is an absolute superstar. Are we even surprised that she has an organization named after her? Researchers at the University of Thailand have done extensive research on certain insects and have made a discovery. They found a very small new species of wasp and found in the country. As if it was obvious, they decided to name the wasp after Lady Gaga. The scientific name for the wasp is Aleiodes gaga, which sounds like a pretty name for a wasp. Nonetheless, Gaga has now made her mark in the animal world.

8 Madonna – Echiniscus madonnae

Madonna is an iconic artist. She made her mark in the music world, and now she has made her mark in the animal world as well. In 2006, a group of scientists discovered a new species of microscopic water-swelling organism, commonly known as “water bears” and “moss piglets”. As a result, these scientists wanted to devote their hard work and research to Madonna and named the new organism after Madonna – Echiniscus madonnae. From now on, Madonna will also be famous in the animal world.

7 Ozzy Osbourne – Dendropsophus ozzyi

Ozzy Osbourne is known as the Prince of Darkness, not only because he’s part of the Black Sabbath group, but also because he once bit his head off a bat live on stage. In 2009, scientists made a discovery in the Brazilian Amazon. During their trip, the group of scientists discovered a new species of tree frog. The frog, although tiny, has a very loud bat call.

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Because of the strange sounds the frog was making, it became known to scientists and they realized that they had never seen anything like it before. The group of scientists were big fans of Black Sabbath and Ozzy, and the fact that the frog sounded like a bat made sense for it to be named Ozzy. As a result, scientists gave it the name Dendropsophus ozzyi.

6 Harrison Ford – Peidole harrisonfordi

Another incredibly famous actor in Hollywood is Harrison Ford, known for some iconic roles over the years. In addition, Harrison Ford is also vice president of the American company Conservation International. Because of his curatorial work and everything he’s done for Hollywood, scientists decided to honor him by naming an ant after him. Scientist Edward Wilson discovered a new species of Central American ant and decided to name it after Harrison Ford, and nicknamed it the New Ant Peidole harrisonfordi.

5 Pink Floyd – Synalpheus pinkfloydi

When it comes to the Pink Floyd band, there has always been this story that the band played so loud that the volume killed all the fish in a nearby pond. This is why, when scientists discovered a new species of shrimp capable of killing a fish by making a very loud noise, it made sense to give it the name of the group and pay tribute to it. The shrimp has a large claw that it can open and close quickly to produce a sound of up to 210 decibels, which is so loud that it can kill a small fish. Accordingly, they named the shrimp Synalpheus pinkfloydi.

4 Johnny Depp – Kootenichela Deppi

A scientist who discovered a fossil of a never-before-seen extinct organism felt the need to name it after one of his favorite actors, none other than Johnny Depp. The extinct creature displayed sharp, scissor-like claws, which was another nod to Johnny Depp and his iconic Edward Scissorhands character. The fossil was over 500 million years old, which was likely an ancestor of modern lobsters and scorpions due to the shape of the claw. Therefore, he named the body Kootenichela deppi after the star.

3 Jimmy Fallon -Aleiodes falloni

Jimmy Fallon has his own wasp named after him, Aleiodes falloni. The wasp does not have much in common with its namesake as it is a horrible creature that is a parasite. The wasp mummifies the moth caterpillars and eats them from the inside to the outside where it uses the caterpillars for food so they can grow and develop. Once it has fully grown, it hatches from the cocoon of the caterpillar and continues with its life, leaving the caterpillar to die and only serve as a host for the wasp.

2 Elton John – Leucothoe Eltoni

Elton John is one of the most iconic musicians to date, having broken so many records and barriers that he has become royalty in the music world. Scientists have discovered a new type of crustacean in Raja Ampat, Indonesia by Dr. James Thomas of the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Florida. Dr Thomas is a big fan of Elton John and often spent a lot of time listening to his music while in the lab. Accordingly, he named the crustacean Leucothoe eltoni.

1 Beyoncé – Scaptia beyonceae

Beyoncé is known as a queen for a reason as she is one of the most famous pop divas today. Naturally, with all of Beyoncé’s influence the world over, it made sense for scientists to name a new species of horse fly after her. You’d think a bee would make more sense, however, the new horse fly is special because it has a golden rear end. The researchers claimed that the fly is the “all-time fly diva” because of her, which is why they chose to name her after Beyoncé. Therefore, the official scientific title is Scaptia beyonceae.

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